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The Pasyryk rug is considered the oldest preserved knotted rug in the world, dating back to the 5th or 4th century BC. when it was manufactured.


At some point in the Persian textile and carpet art history, the profession Rofoogar was born (Persian رفوگر), which describes the profession and activity of restoration for all types of textiles, flat fabrics and carpets.


At the beginning of the Persian textile and carpet culture, the nomads woven or buttoned pieces for their own use. Only later did this handicraft gain recognition and importance in society and population, as well as in the court. Since these Pieces of Art were now more valuable, they had to be maintained, repaired or restored - the profession Rofoogar was born.


Our first surname is Rofoogar, our second Matin.

In English this means "Honorable Restorer". Since 1840, our family runs this beautiful craft. In the sprit of this tradition, we continue to do so in the Hanseatic city of Bremen as descendants.

I'm Hedayat Rofoogar Matin, b. in 1951 in Tabriz (IRAN) and am a restorer and textile designer.


When I was 20 days old, my family decided to move to Tehran. Especially my father was very fond of it. Because of increased demand from the court, he wanted to expand our studio.


Ever since I was nine years old, next to the school, I've been in our family's studio every day to learn the textile craftsman's special skills. As a child, I was fascinated not only by the colors, shapes, and patterns, but also by the stories my father told me everyday about his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, who already practiced this craft!


Rofoogar is my first and Matin my second name.

Both words come from Persian and mean "the textile restorer" and "the man of honor / courtier".


"An honorable restorer, you wear as a name. So always work like that! ", My father once said to me and I always tried to follow his advice.


At sixteen, in 1967, I co-founded the first association of carpet restorers in Tehran, which was later annulled and replaced during the Iranian Revolution.


At the age of twenty, in 1971, I was recognized as a master. This was more of a formal title to me for the time being, as I could traditionally only get it from my father, who did so before he died in 1966!


After the Iranian Revolution and during the Iran Iraq War (1981-1989), I traveled a lot and accepted assignments abroad. Most inquiries came from Holland, Belgium, England, France and Germany.


In 1994 I decided to emigrate with my family to Germany and since then I have been working in the Hanseatic city of Bremen.


Today, I am a member of the current Tehran Carpet Restoration Association - an acknowledged master of flatweaving and stuffing restoration. Furthermore, I am a member of the guild of tampers of the rugs of Tehran (with the membership number: 40/2006140) and the Chamber of Crafts Bremen (with the membership number: 0464011).


Traditionally, my sons Massud and Mehrdad continue to practice this beautiful craft!


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