> Restoration

Carpet, flat fabric and textile restoration is a very time consuming and sensitive craft. It requires considerable knowledge of the fields of art history and the dyeing craft.


Experience, Seriousness and Trust are the most important pillars that we have been constantly strengthening as a family business since 1840.


Restoration is our primary service. It is irrelevant for us whether the piece is woven, knotted, stuffed, sewn or crocheted. The age, the rarity, the fineness and the production area of the piece, as well as effort and challenges of the work, develop in our family business into passion.


Through our in-house wool and silk archive, we are able to meet the ancient art objects in the restoration work.


Conservation and preventive conservation are other services we offer to preserve a work of art.


Of course washing or cleaning is part of a serious restoration and / or conservation work.

> Repair

Repair work on carpets, flat fabrics and textiles must be skillfully executed. Although the process is not quite as complex as restoration, it requires extensive knowledge of knotting, weaving, knitting and sewing techniques, as well as materials science and fine arts.



> Further services

We prepare reports for:

  • Value assessments We determine the value and time value of carpets and flat fabrics.
  • Damage treatment We handle fire damage, liability damages, water damages and other damage with dampness, damages by pest infestation or transport damage.
  • Rating for estate rules 

such as

  • Goods inspection and quality assurance
  • laboratory analysis
  • sale
  • purchase
  • barter


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