Textile Design

The idea of our productions is and remains: sustainability! To spare the resources of our Planet Earth and to distance oneself vehemently from a „throwaway society“.


Thus, the materials used in our products are fragments of high quality and mostly antique rugs, kilims or tapestry. We save what can be saved and give the piece a new task through professional work-up and a new design!


In terms of co-processed elements, we remain true to our idea of "upcycling" and process textile leftovers from industrial production , which we obtain directly from these companies and which would otherwise go to waste.

Production on request

Nevertheless, for years we have maintained a very good contact to family manufactures from still active nomads in the northwest regions of Iran.These weavers of the Shahsavan tribe, for example, have the „know how“ to apply knotting, color theory and creativity into their arts.


To ensure that this wonderful craft does not die out, we support this special form of production of new goods and guarantee its quality, as well as environmentally friendly production.


The purchase of such unique items is possible on request. The production takes place only after commissioning, as the families knot / weave only for their own use or on order.

They share our environmentally conscious and respectful values and are also of the opinion that the quality of carpets and kilims and rarity will otherwise be lost through mass production.


The production takes place in ancient tradition with natural colors and new wool from own free-standing flocks of sheep or wool from the neighboring tribes.


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